What kind of south-of-the-border traveler are you? Do you get on an airplane and head to a fancy resort? Do you stay where the drinking water is pure, the swimming pool is heated, the flies have been banned, all major credit cards are accepted and the employees speak faultless English? Or do you scorn the package tour? Before your trip, do you get a vaccination, pesos and Mexican car insurance? Do you like to drive on secondary roads, stopping at off-the-beaten-path towns and villages, soaking up local color and bravely using your high-school Spanish to make conversation? Do you enjoy a little risk and adventure? Answer the question honestly. Because your Valley Mexican-restaurant happiness may depend on it... LEER MAS
The concept for EL NOPALITO restaurant originated from the streets of Mexico City. There is simply nothing better than fresh and authentic food straight from the heart of Mexico. It is very difficult and rare to duplicate authentic cuisine, but from the very beginning, EL NOPALITO set out to accomplish this challenge. The result was more than successful. Our restaurant offers a traditional ambiance and feel that is in tune with that of local restaurants in Mexico City.
From the colors, to the decorations and food, EL NOPALITO aims to deliver a true authentic Mexican experience. Each one of our dishes is prepared with care and encompass a variety of flavors that are only found within the Mexican culture.
It all starts with subtle hints of lime, the fresh scent of cilantro and the spicy and perfectly seasoned salsa. The end result is nothing short of authentic.
Each dish will take you through its own cultural journey and will leave you more than satisfied. If true Mexican food is what you long for, look no further. Just like a nopal, EL NOPALITO Restaurant is a product of Mexico and it is here to share its delicious and authentically rich Mexican cuisine.